6 hours of evidence-based content with references
Multiple PDF resources
Self-reflection a key component of every pillar of health discussed

Healthcare Professionals can self-log CPD (GPs can log under education and reviewing performance categories)

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Are you feeling stuck in your clinical practice?

Have you run out of tools in your kit to help patients?

You're following the guidelines, prescribing the medications; and yet your patients don't feel better. Or they're wanting more.

Are you yourself feeling a bit flat? Perhaps you as a medic/allied health professional have your own health issues that you can't get on top of. Perhaps the stress of the job is getting to you. Perhaps you're on the verge of burnout. Or already burnt out.

As a medical/allied health student, you often hear about healthcare professionals experiencing high stress in the workplace, and leaving the profession. Are you nervous about what the future holds for you given how much you have invested into this journey already?

Or perhaps you're not in the healthcare field at all and have been struggling with your health recently or for many years with what seems like no end in sight to your suffering. You're feeling stuck in your ways, and appointments you've had as a patient/client with medical/healthcare professionals have resulted in many dead ends.

Rediscover what it means to be optimally healthy with a fresh perspective. 

Be exposed to evidence-based concepts from integrative, lifestyle and functional medicine approaches, learning about the root cause of disease.

Walk away with more tools in your kit to continue your journey in regaining your health and the feeling of empowerment to be able to make some sustainable changes. Then tell your patients/clients/family/friends about it.


Great to explore macronutrients and micronutrients in depth! - Psychogeriatrician


Recommended for medical students, junior doctors and GPs frustrated with the current situation in healthcare. - GP


I found every topic useful! Lots of lightbulb moments and great reminders of some things we already know. - GP


Malini is a great presenter and incredibly knowledgeable! - GP


Dr Malini's excitement and fun attitude is contagious! - medical student


Just the health reset I needed for my own life! - GP


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Dr Malini Bose


Founder of Phoenixdocs

As an integrative/functional medicine general practitioner based in Australia, I am incredibly passionate about teaching other medical and allied health practitioners about what it means to achieve optimal health, so they can pass on the knowledge to their patients. It is not enough to simply treat symptoms and diagnosis chronic diseases when it is too late. Let's start conversations about addressing root causes and having more tools in our kit to help patients prevent, treat and potentially reverse chronic disease.